Am I Really Ready to Get Divorced?

At the Law Office of Pamela C. Bratcher, our attorney has more than 28 years of experience handling divorce cases in Bowling Green and surrounding communities. In that time, we have helped countless clients with their family law disputes, and we know that making the decision to divorce your spouse can be a difficult choice. To help determine if you are ready for divorce, we’ve put together this list of five questions that you should first ask yourself.

Question #1: Should I Talk to a Marriage Counselor?

If you think it would help your marriage to see a counselor, then go ahead and do so before filing for divorce. However, if you believe that there is no hope of reconciling the issues in your marriage, speaking to a counselor can still be helpful because you might be able to figure out exactly where your marriage went off track.

Question #2: Am I In the Right Financial Position for Divorce?

There are situations where filing for divorce can cost you more money than if you hold off. Other times, it is more beneficial to quickly file for divorce. Review your finances and ask yourself if you are in a strong enough position financially to support yourself during and after the divorce proceedings. Don’t let yourself get too caught up in the emotional aspects of your divorce and make sure you figure out the financial implications of leaving your spouse before filing your case. For some people, it might make more sense to just “stick it out” with their spouse instead of getting a divorce.

Question #3: Do I Know Where to Find Important Financial Documents?

Financial documents are crucial in divorce cases because they can be used to identify the net worth of each spouse. Financial documents can also be used to prove which spouse has the ability to pay for things like child support and alimony. Ask yourself if you know the location for the following financial documents:

  • Bank Account Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Retirement & Brokerage Account Statements

Make sure you store these financial documents in a safe place before you file your divorce papers. All of your finances will be scrutinized throughout your divorce proceedings, and having these documents can help you build a strong legal strategy that will protect your rights and interests.

Question #4: What Steps Can I Take to Protect My Assets?

You need to get a hold of the assets that you want to keep after you get divorced, otherwise your spouse might take possession of them if they find out you plan to file for divorce. It is also a good idea to freeze any joint credit cards or shared bank accounts that you have with your spouse. Taking control of your assets can help you maintain stability in your life during this stressful time.

Question #5: What Are the Goals of My Divorce?

It is important to determine what goals you have for your divorce before filing your papers. Some people just want to get out of an unhappy marriage, while others leave for professional or financial reasons. Whatever goals you come up with, make sure to communicate them to your attorney at the start of your case.

Get Help From a Divorce Lawyer in Bowling Green

If you are thinking about divorce, you should speak to our legal team about how to handle your case. Our lawyer will review your case and create a legal strategy that will protect your rights and allow you to reach a fair divorce agreement.

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