Do I Need the Natural Father's Consent to Adopt?

Are you interested in adopting a child? Are you worried you need the father’s consent to legally adopt? Continue reading our blog to find out what you need to know about adopting a child in Kentucky.

What Are the Consent Requirements for Adopting a Child?

If you want to adopt a child, but the natural father has not given up their legal rights to the child through abandonment or the willful termination of parental rights, then you will need the father’s consent to adopt the child. In fact, both parents must give their consent for adoption, unless one of the terms we discussed applies to the case.

There are a few different ways parents can give up their consent for a child. Examples include:

  • The parent denies parentage of a child
  • The parent has failed to pay child support
  • The parent has gone missing and can’t be contacted
  • The father’s paternity hasn’t been determined through scientific testing

A mother could theoretically put a child up for adoption without the natural father’s consent in any of the situations listed above.

Both parents of a child have primary rights to consent if paternity has been properly established. This means both parents must agree to adoption before it can be legal. This includes situations where one parent remarries and the new spouse wants to adopt the child. The natural father must still give consent unless they meet the other requirements we discussed in this blog.

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