How to Combat Parental Alienation

Parental alienation happens when one parent attempts to psychologically manipulate a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect, or hostility towards the other parent. For parents involved in a complicated divorce, parental alienation can become a serious problem that might affect the result of their case. Often, children who are manipulated by a parent are coached and taught behaviors that will distance them from their other parent. This results in unnecessary conflict that can significantly harm long-term familial relationships. Below, we give you tips you can use to fight back against parental alienation.

Always Be Positive When Interacting With Your Kids

This basic tip is often over looked when one parent discovers that their kids are being trained to dislike them. Use upbeat and positive language when you talk to your children. For example, when you say goodbye, don’t tell your kids that you will miss them. Instead, tell them that you are really looking forward to the next you will see them. Try to show excitement, support, and positive reinforcement if you think your spouse is attempting to alienate you from your children.

Keep The Plans You Make With Your Kids

Do your best to avoid missing important or special events. Missing critical moments in your child’s life will only give your spouse more ammo to portray you as the villain. Even if your ex attempts to make it difficult for you to keep plans with the children, show up. When an ex interferes with the plans you have made, they are likely trying to paint a negative picture of you. Showing up and having positive interactions with your kids will show them that your spouse is wrong about you.

Don’t Blame Your Kids for Your Ex’s Actions

Remember that your children are also victims in this mess. Don’t let yourself become frustrated when you learn that your ex-spouse is making your children spy on you or manipulating them to report back on who you spend time with. Getting frustrated and blaming your children will further alienate you and make your ex appear credible. Making you angry is all a part of the alienator’s strategy.

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