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If you own a small or medium-sized business, you already know that there are rarely enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done to run your enterprise. This is why so many businesses of these sizes tend to forgo human resources—a critical aspect of any entity that employs individuals. Unfortunately, this means that, when a human resources issue does occur, few of these businesses owners are equipped to handle it.

That is why it is recommended that these businesses seek a human resources consultant before a complication arises. At the Law Office of Pamela C. Bratcher, our knowledgeable Bowling Green human resources lawyer is ready to help your business put the proper processes in place to not only address the needs of your employees but also protect your business from any legal issues.

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What Your Business Needs

It's crucial that both business owners and their employees are aware of each other's rights and interests in a small or medium-sized business. Additionally, business owners often need support in parsing local employment laws, ensuring that their business is in compliance and that they are ready to make thorough and informed staffing decisions.

Our firm can assist you with:

  • Creating and reviewing an employee handbook
  • Exploring and implementing best practices
  • Establishing human resources processes and policies
  • Navigating employee relations issues
  • Recommending legal actions for employee/wage/labor disputes
  • Ensuring that you are in compliance with all federal and local laws
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements and non-compete contracts

If your business needs assistance with these matters or any other human resources matters, then we invite you to contact our firm today. Our firm is ready to advise you and make sure that your business is has a robust and thorough human resources apparatus in place.

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  • She Takes Her Cases Personally Like You Are Family

    “I had a case against a city were I was a whistle blower on the a city and we won the case and this also establish a change in the law concerning a employee and them being a whistle blower. When you have a case and win it ; where there is a change in a written law that’s already on the books that will help some else then that’s pretty important. She takes her case personal like you are family. ”

    Tommy A.

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