The Benefits of Mediation in a Divorce

When we imagine divorce, we often conjure up pictures of courtrooms, judges, and opposing arguments. This scene is certainly a possibility when people want to end their marriage, and it may be necessary when the divorce is ugly.

However, there are other options available. You can agreements on your own. One way to do this is through divorce mediation.

Here are some ways mediation can help you in your divorce.

Mediation Can Help You Avoid Court

As we said above, court is not necessary for a divorce. Couples have the right to reach any agreements on their own and submit them to the state.

Unfortunately, this is an unrealistic option for many. Divorce is often the result of people who already have a hard time working together. Perhaps they each have love and respect for one another, they just simply can’t communicate effectively.

This is where mediation comes in. In this process, a legal professional meets with the divorcing couple and helps them negotiate. A good mediator will have psychological training just for this purpose.

In mediation, no one is trying to “win,” and the mediator works for both spouses. They will help the couple communicate. If one party is being too stubborn, the mediator can help them see the other’s perspective. If negotiations become aggressive, the mediator can help control the emotional temperature of the room.

Furthermore, as a legal professional, your mediator should be able to point out anything you missed. There’s a lot to consider in a divorce such as property division, child support, spousal support, and child custody. It’s easy to miss important details along the way.

If you can make all the necessary decisions together, you can avoid going to court. Simply submit your agreements to the court after mediation is over, and you’re free to move on.

Mediation Can Give You Power Over Your Divorce

When you take your divorce to court, your fate is in someone else’s hands. The court decides what happens to your property, child custody, and more. You must abide by these decisions, or you could face serious legal trouble.

Through mediation, you can feel empowered knowing you agreed to every decision. Even if you didn’t get everything you wanted, you can at least take comfort in the fact that no one forced you into anything.

Mediation Can Save You Money

Remember that a courtroom divorce is like any other legal trial. Any step your attorney makes costs money, from investigating claims to organizing documents. This expense compounds if you are ordered to pay your spouse’s legal fees.

Through mediation, you pay for your time with the mediator and for filing your paperwork with the court. Once that’s over, you can walk away from the entire experience.

Mediation Could Be Good for Your Relationship

It’s rare for divorced couples to never interact again, especially when they share children. No matter how many negative feelings either spouse has, they should still want interactions to be pleasant and civil.

Mediation can give you one last project together. It can help you honor the relationship by coming to agreements rather than arguing in court. You may never be able to get back what you once had, and you probably shouldn’t try. But you can at least leave the relationship on better terms, which will help when you must interact down the road.

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