What You Should Know About Dirty Divorce Tactics

If your spouse refuses to play fair during a divorce, you might notice what are called "dirty divorce tactics." These include actions that are manipulative, hurtful, frustrating, and embarrassing. If this is the case, you should contact a lawyer immediately to help you create a strategy to protect yourself in the event your spouse continues with this behavior. 

Common Dirty Divorce Tactics

Here are some common dirty divorce tactics your spouse may attempt: 

Embarrassing you publicly 

This could happen at various times, such as when your spouse serves you divorce papers. If he/she decides to do so at work, when you are with friends, or in any other manner that would embarrass you publicly, this is not fair. You spouse may also share details about your divorce on social media or even send out private information or photographs of you that were shared while you were married. 

Wasting marital assets 

Your spouse may attempt to retaliate with this type of behavior to get a rise out of you. He/she might spend money on a new car, expensive gifts, a lavish vacation, or elective surgeries.  

Hiding assets from you 

Your spouse may attempt to hide assets from you so he/she can keep them during the divorce. This might include placing money in offshore accounts or asking relatives or friends to protect money and assets from you. Your lawyer can help you if this is the case and together you can hire a forensic accountant to dig up any hidden assets. 

Taking the kids without telling you

Some spouses decide they want custody of their children before a divorce agreement is reached and act out by taking their kids and fleeing. You should call the court as well as the police immediately if this has happened and you feel that your children's safety is at risk.  

Turning your children against you 

It is devastating when this happens, but it does occur. If your spouse is attempting to turn your kids against you by speaking badly about you or bribing them to be mean to you or avoid you, contact your lawyer immediately. 

If you are concerned your spouse is committing a dirty divorce tactic, contact our office online to schedule a consultation today.