Can I Start Dating Before My Divorce is Finalized?

The divorce process can be potentially long and grueling. You may feel lonely, defeated, and doubt your worthiness of love. While getting back into the dating scene can certainly give you the boost you are looking for, the benefits are usually short-lived, but the damage may reverberate throughout your life for some time to come. Therefore, you should wait until after your divorce is finalized before you begin dating again.

Dating before your divorce is finalized is also unfair to prospective partners who may feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of your current situation. If you wish to start a new and healthy relationship, you will need a clean break from your marriage before you pursue any of your romantic options.

Why You Should Wait to Date

Although your marriage is practically over, dating before it is officially dissolved can create a variety of problems. It might even create some doubt regarding your fidelity during the marriage, which will likely affect your spouse’s willingness to negotiate with you on a settlement. Even if your faithfulness does not come into question, dating so soon can still sour your chances of a compromise.

Here are some other reasons why you should avoid dating at this time:

  1. It can harm your children: If you have children, they are likely going through a difficult time as they cope with the changes prompted by your divorce. They need your time and attention now more than ever. If you are dating or involved in a new relationship, you will have less time to devote to them and they may feel resentful. Focus on helping them overcome this hardship before you spend time on dating.
  1. It can affect your ability to receive spousal support: If your new relationship progresses quickly and you soon decide to move in together while your divorce is being finalized, you will likely miss out on your chance for spousal support. Be realistic, prudent, and do not jeopardize the outcome of your divorce on a rebound relationship.
  1. You might not be as ready as you think you are: You undoubtedly want the immediate gratification that comes with reentering the dating world, but you are likely not ready to date. You still need time to understand what went wrong in your marriage and how to avoid repeating those mistakes. More importantly, you need to heal from this experience, which you cannot do if you plunge into a new relationship so soon.

Schedule a Consultation with a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney

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