5 Tips to Help You Maintain a Strong Relationship with Your Kids After Divorce

Divorce can strain the relationship between parents and their children. However, it’s important to remember that divorce and separation is much harder for the kids to go through than it is for the parents. If you want to keep your children’s worlds from turning upside down after your divorce or separation, you will need to make extra efforts to maintain your parent-child relationship. Young children with divorced or separated parents tend to suppress their feelings, or sometimes have emotional outbursts when things in their life start changing. In this blog, we explain how keep your relationship with your children strong after your divorce or separation.

#1. Keep Adult Issues Private

There are many different changes that children have to contend with after your divorce or separation. From moving to new visitation schedules, your children are under major stress, just like parents are often under stress due to having less income now that they are a single household. Despite your financial concerns, remember that your kids don’t always need to know when you are struggling. Do your best to keep the things they have no control over to yourself.

#2: Speak Kindly About Your Ex in Front of Your Kids

When children constantly have to hear their parents argue, it upsets them. In fact, some children will blame themselves for their parents’ marriage disputes. This is why it is important to be friendly and kind when you interact with your ex around your children. Avoid getting into arguments with the other parent when exchanging custody. Fighting in front of your children can also lead them to act out in other areas of their life.

#3: Invite Your Children’s Friends to Activities & Events

Children will often talk to their friends about their parents’ divorce and what emotions they are experiencing themselves. Your kid’s friends are a major part of their support system, which is why you should invite them along to go to places with your family. Whether it’s a trip to an amusement park or just going to a movie, spending time with close friends will help your kids become more comfortable with their new routine after divorce.

#4: Spend As Much Time As You Can with Your Kids

When possible, don’t use a babysitter or a daycare to watch your children, instead, try to spend more time with them. If you have an event you need attend and it conflicts with the time your kids would normally spend with you, try asking your ex-spouse to watch the kids rather than having someone else do it. Having both parents involved when schedules conflict can help strengthen post- divorce relationships between all members of the family.

#5: Don’t Send Messages to Your Ex Through Your Kids

Never ask your kids to relay information to their other parent. Doing so can cause unnecessary tension between the whole family. Remember, your children aren’t’ messengers, if you have something important that you need to tell you ex, let them know in person. Asking your kids to relay messages between you and your ex can lead them to feel like they need to pick sides, which only adds to the stress of adjusting to life after divorce.

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