3 Tips for a Quicker, Easier Kentucky Divorce

While it’s not hard to get a divorce, the process itself is anything but easy. Emotions typically run high, and people often get caught in the trap of trying to “win” their divorce case. Even worse, aggressive “shark” divorce attorneys will frequently push buttons or look for new ways to create conflicts, as a longer case puts more money in their pockets.

Our family law firm is truly committed to the best interests of our clients. We work hard to resolve their cases in the most favorable and stress-free manner possible. In this blog, we share three simple, yet powerful tips to help make your divorce as quickly and simple as possible.

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1. Be Prepared to Compromise

The longest and most time-consuming divorce cases are usually that way because of the spouses’ inability to compromise. Specifically, matters of property division and child custody often become bitter battles that can make a divorce much longer and more contentious. You shouldn’t yield your rights on these important issues just to speed up the process, but being willing to compromise on smaller issues can help make things much smoother.

2. Seek Professional Counseling

It doesn’t matter who you are – divorce is an emotional roller coaster. As previously mentioned, many people get caught up in the emotional aspect of the divorce, and try to use the court to settle their issues with their soon-to-be ex. Again, this leads to long, protracted battles over relatively minor issues. Speaking with a professional counselor or therapist can help you deal with your emotions in a healthy way, helping you make smarter decisions in the divorce process.

3. Trust Your Bowling Green Divorce Lawyer

Trusting your divorce attorney starts before you even hire them. Our firm offers free initial consultations, in which prospective clients can meet our attorney, learn how we plan to handle the case, and decide if we’re the right firm for them. We communicate openly and honestly, and always strive to put our clients’ wishes first.

As a result, our clients typically trust our judgement when it comes time to make a difficult decision, as they know that we’re looking out for them. Attorney Bratcher has more than 28 years of experience with family law, so she has a thorough understanding of the challenges you will face in the divorce process.

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