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Intersection crash

confidential settlement

Substantial confidential settlement paid by insurance carrier of guilty driver.

Pedestrian hit by driver

Substantial confidential

Substantial confidential settlement paid by insurance carrier of driver.

Products liability case

Six figure settlement

Six figure settlement against a United States automobile company for defective and unreasonably dangerous product.

Racial discrimination in workplace

confidential settlement

African American client subjected to harassing and dangerous conduct by co-workers, known by management but no corrective actions taken. Substantial settlement.

Two African American clients subjected to hostile treatment at a local office that is nationally known. Six figure confidential settlement.

Serious personal injury involving sports facility

confidential settlement

Proceeds from the confidential settlement allowed client to purchase her first home.

Sexual Harassment

Settled Sexual Harassment Case for substantial amount against a local business.

Sexual Harassment in Workplace

Six figure confidential settlement

Six figure confidential settlement representing a male employee who reported sexual harassment in a big box store.

Slippery walk

confidential settlement

Self-employed truck driver while making delivery slipped and fell due to unsalted ice patch at business delivery door. Client suffered several breaks in leg. Substantial confidential settlement.

Verdict against Dollar General Corporation

Scottsville, Allen County, Kentucky due to violation of employment contract. Jury awarded all damages requested.

Whistleblower Case

Logan County case which established new law and provided additional rights to Whistleblowers. Compensatory damages, attorneys fees, and interest at 12% because defendant unsuccessfully appealed twice. Ultimately the case was decided in my clients favor by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Wrongful Vehicle Repossession

A Warren Circuit Court violation of Kentucky Consumer Protection Act. Jury awarded Client requested damages plus punitive damages.

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