Termination of Parental Rights in KY

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Are you currently facing the termination of your parental rights or believe that your ex-spouse or the parent of your child should have their rights terminated? At Law Office of Pamela C. Bratcher, we realize that every case is unique and requires the assistance and attention of an experience and trusted attorney. The Bowling Green family lawyer at our firm has worked with clients in a variety of situations for 28 years and our firm knows how to put together a workable argument on your behalf.

There are a number of circumstances where parental rights could be terminated, such as:

  • When a father fails to file a paternity claim
  • Cases of child abandonment or neglect
  • Instances of physical or emotional abuse of a child
  • A history of mental illness
  • A history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • When either parent is incarcerated

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It can be extremely stressful and scary to think that your rights could be taken away or be forced to deal with a parent who is not fit to take care of your child. If you choose to hire our firm, can rely on our attorney to provide you with the support you need to get through this emotional situation.

Our firm understands how much is at stake for you and your family and work hard to pursue the most effective course of action. Our attorney personally handles every case, based on your specific situation. Added to this, Attorney Bratcher has practiced on the trial level, the appeal level, and in state and federal courts.

We can put this experience to use for you. For a case consultation with our Bowling Green family attorney, contact our law firm now at (270) 977-8910.

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