Legal Guidance for Prenuptial Agreements in KY

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Prenuptial agreements are relatively new to the state of Kentucky. These documents, however, can offer valuable protections to couples and help them to avoid contentious and costly legal disputes in the future. "Prenups" have become a popular tool for many people entering into a marriage.

Prenuptial matters can be complicated. Agreeing on all areas of a prenup can involve a number of emotional and family-related issues. In these cases, an experienced Bowling Green family lawyer can act as a neutral third party as you work out the terms of your prenuptial agreement. Your family law attorney can explain your options and make sure both you and your spouse make informed decisions for your financial futures.

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What Are the Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenups settle how assets are to be divided in the worst case scenario of a death or future divorce. The documents are agreed upon and signed before you are married.

Many people have a negative view of prenuptial agreements, believing that they imply pessimism about the future of the marriage, but in truth, a prenup is a wise precaution against an uncertain future. Signing a prenuptial agreement ensures that you and your spouse are protected in case of unexpected difficulties.

Prenuptial Agreements Can Cover a Number of Issues, Such As:

  • How joint property is used, sold, transferred, or divided
  • What happens to any asset in the case of death
  • What happens to debts in the case of death
  • The amount of any alimony that may be owed after divorce

Keep in mind that a prenup cannot settle issues related to your children, such as custody or child support matters. These matters are always decided by the parents or by the court based on what is in the best interests of the child.

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Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for Me?

While every circumstance is different, an agreement offers future protection, no matter how civil your relationship may be. Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial agreements do not foreshadow divorce, nor do they cause a rift in most marriages. Rather, these documents help ensure that you have all your bases covered and that you are not left battling should the worst happen.

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